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Gifts That Give Back

For the past few years, rather than give the traditional gift or trinket I have made the decision to instead give gifts that give back. One year, I gave my family all Oxfam gifts. This included a goat donated to a family in Ethiopia for my in-laws and mosquito nets donated in my brother's name. The following year, everybody got a kickin' pair of Tom's. For me, these are gifts that you can feel good about both giving and receiving.

Some other really fabulous gifts with a heart include Cookies for Cancer.100 % of the proceeds from these delicious cookies go to fund pediatric cancer research.

Homemade gifts from serrv.org. Choose from a wide selection of gifts from this online emporium. Servv is a terrific organization that is dedicated to eradicating poverty by providing support to farmers and artisans worldwide.  These darling bowls below were handmade in Ho Chi Minh City by an organization that seeks to improve life for street children and single mothers. Ready for the price? Only $44 for 6 bowls. Amazing!

Do you have a pet lover in your family? Heart U Back bracelets are the perfect thing! The proceeds (they ring in at $29.00) from these vibrant bracelets go to the ASPCA, one of my very favorite causes!

Happy shopping, my loves! 



JMW said...

I love giving gifts like this. It means so much. My brother-in-law made a donation to Heifer International in our name and we've done that in the past. I also like shopping at free-trade stores to pick up holiday gifts. Those bowls are great! Wonderful post!

pretty pink tulips said...

Gifts that give back are the best. Great suggestions.

The Consummate Hostess said...

Hi JMW- Heifer International is so great. Not only is it a wonderful cause but also (and on a much smaller level) no wrapping required! If you happen to be a last minute queen- these types of donations are perfect for you!

Down and Out Chic said...

serrv.org sounds like it would be right up my alley. i'm definitely going to check it out. thank you!

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