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Traveling Hostess- Seaside, FL.

This past weekend, my husband and I took a mini-vacation in charming Seaside, FL. I am happy to report that the beaches were pristine and we did not spot a single tar ball! Though it rained the whole time, no amount of water could damper our spirits and we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Sunshine State.

 Seaside has many fabulous places to eat but one of our favorites is the low key and funky Bud and Alley's Taco Bar. I suggest that you snag a table with a view of the town, order to your heart's delight and get comfortable!  My picks are the scrumptious Baja style fish tacos with house made avocado mayo, grilled shrimp tacos with charred corn salsa and a sangria to complete the meal. Is your stomach talking yet? Mine sure is!

{Images courtesy of budandalleys.com}

Cheers and wishing that you get the chance to try the Taco Bar out for yourself! Planning a trip to Seaside? Please feel free to email me for other restaurant, hotel and activity recommendations.



Anna said...

That taco looks delish and the place is cute! Hope you had a good time.


rikshaw design said...

i love seaside..and isn't the red bar down there?! thank you foryour sweet comment on my blog!

The Consummate Hostess said...

Hey Rikshaw Designs! Yes, The Red Bar is in Grayton Beach which is practically Seaside. There are so many fabulous places pig-out places in that area- yum!

Tiffany said...

seaside is my fav. love the red bar, too!

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