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A Proper Toast

We have all been there. The room is filled with unspeakable joy and the soft clinking of glasses provides the perfect soundtrack to the scene. Friend after dear friend pushes back their chiavari chair and offers the most heartfelt toast.

Then, you feel it bubble up inside. The time has come for you to  give a witty and genuine toast. Your palms suddenly feel as if they have been residing in the Arctic and despite the deep freeze occurring on your palms, sweat appears in mysterious places. If you had the magic combination of right words and gumption, you are not sure if your voice would even hold steady. You begin to survey the scene for your quickest exit. It's not that you don't just absolutely adore your friends, the anxiety is simply overwhelming. Well, fear not my friends, below you will find simple ways to combat the nerves and give a memorable and meaningful toast.

First of all, be true to yourself and your friends. If you are not blessed with the funny gene- don't attempt a stand-up act. If poetry is not your gig- better not try to write a poem. Instead, work with your talents and if all else fails- use somebody else's words.

Secondly, be genuine and look the person (or people) in the eye when you speak. This will also help the hoards of other in the room disappear.

It is important to consider the audience when making a toast. It is likely that the crowd will be composed of people from all walks of life- be respectful.

Try to keep it short and sweet. Remember that as much as you love the person (people), this is not your day and you are not having a private conversation with them. In other words, the whole crowd doesn't need to hear about that unfortunate incident in fifth grade with the crimper.

  There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.      - MLK, Jr. 



anhesty said...

great post and great tips!

JMW said...

Look at your with your julep at Churchill Downs! :)

The Consummate Hostess said...

Thanks, anhesty! Hope that you have a great weekend.

The Consummate Hostess said...

Good eye, JMW! We Kentucky girls know how to spot our juleps and racetracks. Hope that you have a fabulous weekend!

Pemberley said...

Well said. One of my favorite toasts (only in small groups) is "May everyone get what they deserve!" People either laugh or look heavenward expecting a lightning bolt!

Kristin said...

I was so nervous about giving my maid of honor speech at my bestie's wedding...In the end, I kept it short and sweet and it turned out great! Having a glass of bubbly beforehand helped too. HA!

Average Girl said...

I could of used you a few years ago. My friend asked me to be the MC at her wedding because everyone tells me I am funny... only funny when I don't have to stand in front of 300 people.. Unfortunately, in the middle of my speech, i cracked open the bottle of champagne and did not realize i cut my hand because my hands were frozen from my fear and i got blood all over my white dress! Ah yes, i was an unforgettable MC.. I think I got nick named the Lady in Red! LOL

Great blog! loved it!

The Consummate Hostess said...

Oh dear, Average Girl! It sounds like you handled the situation with impeccable grace. The Lady in Red nickname is too funny but it shows that you were able to add your own touch of humor to an unfortunate situation!

The Consummate Hostess said...

Hi Kristin! I couldn't agree more, I cannot imagine too many situations (other the obvious ones involving cars, children and heavy machinery) that a little champagne would not improve!

dgottsman said...

Lovely blog! Keep up the beautiful job...Best, Diane

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