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Julep Cups- Part Deux

The possibilities are endless...

A set of julep cups is an entertaining essential, especially in the south. I love to use the cups in unexpected ways, for example as a container for cheese straws or maybe as a desk accessory acting as a pen holder. Sterling julep cups make the most beautiful vases, especially when using arrangements featuring peonies or hydrangeas.
*Images from classifieds.weddingbee.com,zoelingard.com/blog, twirlandtaste.com



theluckiestmrs said...

Living in Kentucky, I especially enjoyed your feature on mint julep cups! We used some in our table decorations for our wedding, and I think they are just always so classic & festive!

Jane said...

I agree I think they look beautiful. Also in a world of glass porcelain and plastic it is really nice to have silver on the table. And strangely enough I find cleaning silver satisfying, not annoying! I love these cups for flowers especially on a bedside table. And for grissini with drinks. xox

pve design said...

I miss "Dolfingers" - they had the prettiest mint julep cups!
My Mom has a collection and mine is growing! I love them for holding art pencils too.

Laura Trevey said...

Gorgeous Roses in the cup!!

Kassie said...


carlee said...

I use mine as a pen cup! Love these!

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