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Traveling Hostess: Tarpum Bay

The next time that you find yourself on the enchanting Bahamanian island of Eleuthera, you must high-tail it to my friend Donovan's conch salad stand. Donovan, aka the self- proclaimed conch master, makes the most mouth-watering conch salad. The conch master is not to be confused with the conch ninja who has a stand in Governor's Harbor. Donovan uses only the freshest ingredients- conch caught about two steps away in the bay, island oranges, juicy tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and 2 fiery peppers. I find myself nearly drooling as I ponder the salad's greatness...

Donovan and his wife run a little takeaway which is a Bahamas style fast food place in Tarpum Bay. The shop is literally on the shores of the bay and even if you are not a conch salad fan, the view will take your breath away and satisfy even the most particular palettes.

 Unlike some of the other better known islands of the Bahamas, Eleuthera is not full of flashy resorts and casinos. Instead, it sort of feels like an authentic country retreat. Rather than resorts, you find farms. Instead of casinos, there are frequent town festivals. In short, it is an unique and very special retreat.



JMW said...

That looks delicious! And the locale looks wonderful, too!

Megan said...

Looks fantastic; I adore conch fritters so I imagine this to be wonderful too!

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