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The Skinny on The Smooch

We live in an increasingly global community. One where people of all nationalities are in constant contact and as such it is important that we know some basic greeting essentials- aka when to and when not to kiss. Keep in mind that wherever you find yourself, it is imperative that you get a good read from your audience before you go planting a big one on a stranger's cheek. It is common in many countries for a kiss (es) to be exchanged on the cheek as a purely social greeting, not just a sign of romance.  Below you will find a go-to guide from How to Live Like a Lady for solving the epic kiss dilemma. Now, the list below is merely a guide that I found. If you represent one of these countries and the description is not accurate, do let me know. Together, we can write a new international kissing guide!
  • USA- One or two kisses.
  • England- One to two but only close friends and family. Many of our cousin across the pond cherish personal space. 
  • Canada- One or two.
  • Australia & New Zealand- One or none.
  • France- Three and sometimes four but always begin on the left cheek.
  • Netherlands- Three kisses. If you are greeting a family member or an elder, add a few extra smooches as a sign of affection. Always end with the cheek in which you began.
  • Germany- One or two for close friends and family but here, handshakes are far more common.
  • Italy- Kisses are reserved for only the closest friends. Big bear hugs & vigorous handshakes are very common. 
  • Spain- Two kisses; always, always right cheek first.
  • Scandinavia- Two kisses.
  • Russia- Three kisses.
     This is of course just a rough guide and will vary greatly depending on the level of companionship. Some important things to remember when greeting- fresh breath and the always popular air kiss. I suggest always keeping mints or gum in your handbag for such occasions. Additionally, if lipstick is a concern, feel free to merely press your cheek against your companion and kiss the air. No affection is lost with such a smooch. 



Jane said...

So interesting, the differences between cultures. I actually find the English do a lot of double kissing.

As for us Australians, a firm slap on the back will usually suffice. We never ever double kiss. ! ! ! But we do lots of single kissing.

chaiss said...

kaylee!! brooke send me your link i am enjoying it so! we have just moved to scotland, so i will keep my eyes out (or cheek, rather) and let you know how the scots behave. :) -chaiss mcconnell

JMW said...

Not sure if I could remember all of that! Think I would need to take the lead from the person from that native country. :)

Easy and Elegant Life said...

What a delightful blog!

When Mrs. E. finished high school in Brittany in France, she was taught four kisses! In the south, where we lived, it was two or three.

Here in Central Virginia it's hit or miss. Some old acquaintances look at me as if I have a third eye.

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

This is so interesting! I would have to say that I never noticed the "kissing" differences on various cultures so much as I did on my wedding day. My husband's family is from Sri Lanka and they ALWAYS do two kisses! By the end of the night I was so mixed up by who to kiss once and who to kiss twice that everyone I saw just got two!

The Consummate Hostess said...

Welcome, Chaiss!! It is so nice to hear from you and I sincerely hope that all is well. Please do let me know how the Scots behave, I look forward to your observations. Take care and congrats on the exciting move!

The Consummate Hostess said...

Hi Miss Jane- I love reading your comments and will be certain to update my list accordingly. Take care!

The Consummate Hostess said...

Hi Easy & Elegant Life- thank you for your comment! Isn't it fascinating how tradition can vary from region to region? Thank you again for your kind words, take care.

The Consummate Hostess said...

Hi Jenn! I love reading about your wedding day- I am sure that it was a lovely affair! I also like your method of when in doubt- go for a double kiss with Sri Lankans I will be certain to update my list. Thank you for your comment and I hope that you have a nice weekend!

The Consummate Hostess said...

Hi JMW. I agree, it certainly can be mind boggling and it is always a good idea to take your cue from the native, if in doubt. Hope that you have a great weekend!

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