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DIY- Wall Art

Over the weekend, I got that familiar itch-the itch to shake things up a bit in my home and get creative. There is one wall in my home that has been screaming out for help and I finally decided to come to the rescue! The idea for this project came from a file on my desktop chalk full of fabulous DIY ideas-most of which come from super creative bloggers like you! I hate to admit that I cannot exactly remember which blog this idea came from and I apologize from the bottom of my heart as your idea is so great! If any of you happen to know the origin, do contact me!

This project could not be easier or a better bargain. Below, you will find the list of supplies as well as an easy step by step guide. I hope that y'all enjoy this easy project as much as I did!


  • Stretched canvas from art supply store ( I used a 24 x 30)
  • Acrylic paint- 2 bottles
  • paint brush
  • ABC stamps
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Favorite quote
  1. Take a ruler and draw a horizontal lines across the canvas. This will act as your stamping guide and will be erased later.
  2. Paint your color of choice on the stamps. I found this ensures the most even application of paint, rather than dunking the stamp in the paint. 
  3. Place your stamp on the canvas and continue using the lines as a guide. Erase lines upon completion.

C'est tout! If you decide to tackle the project- send me a picture! I think that it would really look nice to first paint the canvas a soft color but alas this did not occur to me until I was finished- perhaps next time. I also think that this would make a fabulous wedding or baby shower gift. Happy Monday, my darlings!



The Rural Socialite said...

I love the canvas in white. This is a beautiful idea! What brand of letter stamps did you use? I like the font because it is not too cutesy.
My sister has done a similar project using chipboard letters instead of stamped letters. It makes a nice 3 dimensional effect.

The Consummate Hostess said...

Hi The Rural Socialite! I used wood stamps by The Paper Studio and purchased them at Hobby Lobby. I feel the same way about the font, glad that you agree. Hope that you have a nice day!

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