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On A High Note

It's no small secret that I have a stationary habit, or perhaps I should say that I have a little stationary addiction. In fact, my husband issued a moratorium about a year ago on the purchase of new cards and I have yet to run out. Sad! While email is a wonderful means of communication, nothing replaces an actual note via snail mail.

I am always on the hunt (shhh...) for new stationary and these latest finds on Etsy are absolutely fabulous!

Herringbone Personalized Stationery - Personalized Stationary Set of 12

Image via the charming Oh Louise Designs. I  love how the cards can be personalized with various patterns and cheerful colors. Check out her site for a treasure trove of delightful items.

Stationary with Bunting Flag

Who doesn't love some good bunting? I love the green and white floral pattern pictured above. I think that these cards would be perfect for a thinking of you note, a way to celebrate the ordinary. Check out these gems and more at Rainy Day Colors Etsy shop.

destination travel greeting card - FREE SHIPPING handmade stationary

I don't know about you, but I have the travel bug big time! There is nothing that I enjoy more than visiting a new place, exploring the food, art and culture. If I can't hop a plane and Bourdain is not on TV, these cards might just be the next best thing. Why not fly on over and buy a bunch at LSquared Design?  Your friends will thank you!

Where do you buy your stationary? Do you shop local, online or pull a Martha and make your own?



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