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A Belated Fourth & A Seriously Festive Cake

Hello! I hope that all of you ( cannot believe that I actually still have readers after being such a rotten blogger here lately---->you are so appreciated!!) had a fabulous Fourth of July! I had a really wonderful day that started at the crack of dawn with a 10K race in Lexington, KY.  It was a great race and lots of fun to see all of the families, dogs and cheering people along the route.

I have to admit that I have always been a little leery of overly thematic foods but yesterday, I decided to toss that old fear out of the window and make a cake bursting with Americana :). I give you, the Barefoot Contessa's Flag Cake. I followed the recipe pretty much exactly and it can be found here. Gotta love Ina!

The final result? A pretty little thing (in my humble opinion) but the cake itself failed totally in the taste factor. This was totally my fault and should in no way be reflection of IG's skills, obviously. I blame the epic failure on using my mom's oven and not my own :). Seriously though, I let the white cake cook too long and this resulted in a dry and overall pretty gross cake. That said, it sure was patriotic and after a few beers who really noticed anyway!

Hope that you have a fabulous day!



JMW said...

This cake looks amazing - wish I had done something like this for the 4th. Oh, well, maybe next week. Hope you enjoyed the race in Lexington!

Yannis Morris said...

Amazing blog post as always! I am very glad to see your post, I located what I was in search of here. Thank you!

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