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Anniversary Gifts: A Modern Guide

One of my very favorite couples celebrated their 2nd anniversary just yesterday and the occasion got me thinking  about the traditional anniversary gifts.While I appreciate the idea- why not have a little more fun with the celebration? I love Kate Spade's modern take on the gifts (list below), her suggestions are perfect for today's couple. Do you have unique anniversary ideas of your own? Do share!

  1. Paper- A Wonderful Life: An Intimate Portrait of the Good Life by Slim Aarons
  2. Cotton- Monogrammed kitchen towels: "You wash," "I'll dry"
  3. Leather- Leather laces for ice skates and a note indicating that a special pond (near or far away), mugs of hot chocolate, and snow angles await
  4. Linen- A turquoise linen-covered frame holding a favorite photo
  5. Wood- New cedar shoe trees and ballroom dancing lessons
  6. Iron- An etch-a-sketch game and Saturday morning in bed watching cartoons and eating cereal.
  7. Wool- A stadium blanket and tickets to a football game (his) or outdoor theatrical performance (hers)
  8. Bronze- A copy of The Incredible Bronze Age Journey by James P. Grimes, and dinner at a neighborhood Greek restaurant (or better yet, a trip to Greece)
  9. Pottery- Peruvian pottery coffee mugs, a pound of the best coffee you can get your hands on
  10. Tin- A copy of The Wizard of Oz and a red cashmere blanket because surely you both have a heart

   15. Crystal- High tea beneath the crystal chandelier at the Pierre in New York. 
   20. China- A pair of colorful Chinese lamps
   25. Silver- The U.S. military Silver Star is awarded for "gallantry in action." Have sterling silver cuff links made in the shape of a star engraved with your beloved initials. 
    30. Pearls- Have the words "pearls of wisdom" beautifully debossed on the cover of a photo album or   journal. Fill the album with photos and memories or observations about the lessons you both have learned over the years.
    35. Coral- Go for dinner at the very best seafood restaurant in town and present your gift- a heavenly coral colored cashmere sweater

    40. Rubies- A bottle of lush, ruby wine produced the same year you were married
    45. Sapphires- A Schlumberger gold and blue paillonne enamel cuff bracelet and a night on the town celebrated with Bombay sapphire martinis
    50. Gold- Gold anything-antique signet ring, Victorian sunburst mirror, Cuervo gold, gold rimmed champagne glasses

    55. Emerald- A trip to the Tropics exploring exotic plants and birds, such as the Cuban emerald hummingbird
    60. Diamonds- Go to an evening baseball game and enjoy hot dogs and beer under the stars. Buy some popcorn and hide your gift in the box (something with a diamond), carefully tucked under the first layer of kernels
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JMW said...

Love the signet rings you featured. We celebrate our 11th anniversary Oct. 16. Apparently that gift is steel. Hmm.

bricarwaller said...

Great post!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Great list! My dad and stepmom celebrated their 10 year, so my brother and I got them a mental lantern...not exactly tin but close enough! ;)

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

Great posting! The 60th idea reminds me of my best friend's proposal. She kept having a dream that her boyfriend would give her a really bad ring, like from a Cracker-Jax box. I told him about it. The night he proposed, they went to an outdoor concert and ordered fried dough. He kept insisting that she try some of his Cracker Jax, instead. They ended up getting into a fight because he REALLY wanted her to have Cracker Jax and she REALLY wanted fried dough. So she finally ripped the box of CJ our of his hands, and the engagement ring was inside. She was so shocked!!

pretty pink tulips said...

My 12th is coming up - always wondering how to be creative with the old standards. This is a GREAT list!

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

Oh gosh, thanks for writing this, bookmarking it now, I always have to research first on what to get anniversarians!

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