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Ga-Ga for Gogo

Gogo Ferguson is a jewelry designer who is constantly inspired by nature and turns that inspiration into gorgeous jewelry and home goods. I discovered Gogo's work while vacationing on Cumberland Island and fell hard and fast. Gogo's family has maintained residences on Cumberland (the largest barrier island and perhaps best protected in Georgia) since the late 19th century and the family's preservation efforts are legendary. You can check out Gogo's work at her small shop on Cumberland, at her main store on Saint Simons Island and online.

Her pieces are inspired by rattlesnake bones, armadillo ribs, raccoon jawbones and ribs. Never could I have ever imagined that such stunning work originated in bones and odd body parts. For me there is something reminiscent of ancient Egypt in her designs, you can almost imagine Cleopatra proudly donning the necklace above.

I have been very lucky to have traveled extensively and have visited some truly gorgeous places but Cumberland Island is truly in a league of its own. Around the turn of the century, several prominent families purchased large tracks of land on the island and built gorgeous southern homes. Today, many of those same families maintain their residences and a quiet and gentile atmosphere pervades. It is only accessible by boat,  has one dirt road, wild horses and one hotel (the magnificent Greyfield Inn). I could go on and on about the many joys of Cumberland and will do so very soon, but now back to Gogo.

{All images from gogojewelry.com}



JMW said...

Love her work and how it celebrates nature in such a beautiful art form. That gold ring in the first pic is just gorgeous!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Pretty! I like the coins necklace.

The Consummate Hostess said...

I agree, JMW and also just adore that ring! I like how it is a different take on the stacked ring look.

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