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Tour Fever

For the last three weeks, the Tour de France has been basically all we watch on tv. What has perhaps been the most captivating for me is the etiquette of the sport. Unlike other sports where a no holds barred attitude pervades, cyclists are not only polite under pressure but the fans are quick to hoot and holler if the rules of etiquette are broken. It's so refreshing and refined.


I have to admit that I have sort of caught the fever and am now scouring the internet for the perfect road bike. That said, other than one ill fated attempt at cycling around the Italian Hill Villages (I couldn't cope with the crazy Italian drivers and found myself crying into my gelato), I have no experience with this type of cycling. My husband is a big cyclist and my hope is that he will help along the way!


Another cool thing about The Tour? The amazing scenery! You don't even have to be a fan of the sport to appreciate the incredible beauty of the French countryside. Also, the crazy fans are wildly entertaining. Highlights include: the six dudes dressed in the Borat swimsuit (yes- it was as tragic as it sounds), a herd of sheep nearly knocking the leaders over and head to toe body paint resembling the Catalan flag. 

{the always chic Satorialist}

Let's be honest though, the attire is tragic (not like this dashing gent above). All spandex in garrish colors- oh my! I think that it must be worth it though for the fabulous cyclist legs!


So- have you been bitten by the cycling bug or gotten caught up in the Tour? I'd love to hear. 



Fifi Flowers said...

J'adore bicycles!!! ENJOY your weekend!

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