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In Honor of Augusta National

Clearly, Augusta National is a special place. It is a place where legends have made their mark and relatively unknowns have danced with greatness. While the golf is incredible, grounds impeccable and sportsmanship admirable the greatest thing for me would have to be the traditional pimento cheese sandwich.

There are eight different sandwiches served but go for the gold (or green shall we say) and select a delectable pimento cheese. Would you believe that this wonder of wonders only cost $1? That's right, one buck. It has been said that the sandwich is simple, inexpensive and tradition. Clearly, there is nothing else that needs to be said.
If you are not able to eat an original, by all means make your own and plop down on your sofa to enjoy! The actual recipe used is a fiercely guarded secret but you can try out my own personal recipe, which can be found here. Cheers!

{Image from Life.com, accessnorthga.com}



Dumbwit Tellher said...

How truly fascinating. I had never heard about the famous, traditional Pimento Cheese Sandwich. I think my husband would love that recipe and thank you, looking forward to trying it. I think we'll watch the national & eat our tasty treats on Sunday! All my best to you for a lovely weekend. x

blue moss said...

love the masters....went once a few years back. i was convinced that i would somehow get to go this year, but no one is knocking down my door to give me tickets :)
thanks for the fun post


Thank you for this lovely recipe. I may have to break out an apron and seize the moment.
I think everyone in the universe will be watching the Master's this year and cheering for Tiger. xx's Marsha

JMW said...

I would love to go to The Masters some day. Pimento cheese sandwiches - yum!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Hope you had a great weekend :) xo

Lisa said...

How funny! I was just enjoying pimento cheese sandwiches this weekend. It must be a southern kinda thing! Well, that and simple syrup!
I will have to remember the Augusta version!

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