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Sterling Silver Perfection

Wakefield- Scearce Gallery in Shelbyville, Kentucky has created three distinctive mint julep cups to celebrate each presidency since Harry S. Truman. On the bottom of each sterling silver cup, you will find an American eagle and the current president's initials, which dates the cup.
These julep cups are perfect as a gift, I recently gave my husband the LBJ cup for his birthday. Not only a wonderful collector's item and versatile conversation piece, The Presidential Series cups are a wonderful addition to any home.

Want to make the perfect mint julep? Click here for the most delicious julep recipe.

*Images from wakefieldscearce.com



David Toms said...

They are gorgeous!

The Big Blue Dog said...

I love mint julep cups! We used them in threes for the center pieces at my wedding!

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

these are lovely, I have a few and am looking to add to my collection. I love putting a big pink peony flower in a cluster of them ontop of a glass mirror that goes down the center of my table. they are so classy and elegant!
Have a great day.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Looks awesome, but hey, I am waiting for your next post! Getting greedy for more:)

QueenBeeSwain said...

now you're talking', there is nothing like silver, is there?!



Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I love Sterling Silver. What a great gift! Thanks. Hope you had a great weekend!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

So so pretty! I have a large collection of julep cups I have used for floral arrangements, how fun would some of these be!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

How lovely! I would love to have some of these!

JMW said...

Love Wakefield Scearce! Saw their sign on 1-64 as we were heading back from the lake. So glad to know about the julep cup series!

Millie said...

What sweet little beauties & I love their ability to multi-task for many uses.
Millie ^_^

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