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Hotel Spotlight- The Windsor Court Hotel

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities, not only did I meet my husband in the Crescent City but it was here that I also realized my deep appreciation for Southern architecture, discovered my love of creole cuisine and my appreciation for the resilience and spirit of this funky, fabulous and little bit spooky city.

We go to New Orleans often and soon I will be posting my Best of the Best list for the city that I love so dearly but for now, I wanted to shed some light on the lovely Windsor Court Hotel. Great hotels and cozy inns are nearly everywhere in this city, but for me, this hotel gets my pick. It is located on the edge of the CBD (Central Business District) and the Quarter and so many great sites are within walking distance. It is about a 10 minute stroll to Jackson Square and the world famous (and rightfully so) Cafe du Monde. The hotel flawlessly combines European sophistication with a healthy dose of Southern charm and is my home away from home in The Big Easy.

My favorite part of this hotel? The artwork. A museum quality collection graces the walls and halls of this hotel, with original pieces by Gainsborough, Reynolds, and Buttersworth to name a few. If you do not stay here, at least walk through the lobby for a glimpse at this fantastic collection.

In closing, the staff is extremely helpful, rooms are nicely appointed, it is in a great location, and is pet friendly with a great bar and delicious restaurants. Oh, and if you are lucky enough to visit during Mardi Gras, the hotel is on a parade route- so you can walk out the door and catch some dubloons. Throw me something mister! I am already anticipating a return trip.

*All images from windsorcourthotel.com



MG said...

Oh my goodness! My husband is from New Orelans, and while we met in Charleston, we do travel there quite a bit.

We actually prefer to not stay with his family, and try to make a mini vacation by staying in the French Quarter. We've never stayed here, but I'll have to add it to my list of hotels to try!

LPC said...

I have always felt that New Orleans is haunted. Wonderfully so, but I agree, a little spooky. You can hear the ghosts whispering.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Love New Orleans!! Hotels are my favorite site-seeing projects. I am putting the Windsor Court Hotel on my list! My daughter goes to Tulane and I visit her often, it is one of my favorite cities as well!! Cannot wait for the "Best of the Best" list you have coming!

annechovie said...

Looks like a beautiful place!

Haven and Home said...

Oh I love New Orleans. So many good memories there. I agree, a little spooky but in a good way!

Emily Elizabeth said...

Hi Hostess! I am a new reader and blogger. I love New Orleans too. A couple years ago I went to my Husband's Fraternity Formal there (before we were married!). The City is truly unique. We had a great time! Looking forward to reading more!

ESQ said...

The Windsor Court Hotel is wonderful and a family favorite. My husband and I have stayed there a number of times, including for New Year's Eve and for my brother's wedding, and we have enjoyed it every time. My brother actually had his rehearsal dinner there, and the food and service were fabulous. I am looking forward to reading your Best of the Best list!

Ashley Lauren said...

My husband was born in New Orleans but I've never been! We live about 4 hours away, and it's at the top of my list for a weekend get away :) I look forward to reading more of your reviews!

Things That Inspire said...

Oh, how I am longing to go to New Orleans; it has been 7 years. I am trying to organize a mini reunion of my college girlfriends there in January!

I stayed in the Windsor Court hotel on one of my visits to New Orleans, and it might have been when I was in college. I am generally a very polite person, but I remember the elevator opened and I barreled into it, not realizing there were people in there waiting to get out, and maybe not caring (I wonder if there was alcohol involved - I was in college, in New Orleans, after all). The couple in the elevator stepped out, and the man made a disgusted noise and commented how rude and brutish Americans are. I will never forget that comment. I have never repeated this error again - I learned my lesson!

Anyway, good to see this hotel through your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Ohh I've never been to New Orleans, but everyone I know who's been there says it's really great. Who knows, maybe I'll go one day :)


Basil Becky said...

Yes ...it is a magical city....

Embellished Bayou said...

Hmmmm....I lived in NOLA for several years and never made it into the Windsor Court, shame on me! One of my favorite hotels there was the one with the revolving bar, I think it is the Hotel Monteleone?

The Consummate Hostess said...

Thank you for all of your lovely comments! The Windsor Court is a fabulous hotel in an even more fabulous city. I hope that you all get the chance to stay or at least see this gem.

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