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Welcome to my little world- I am thrilled that you are here. My most sincere hope is that this little blog is a source of laughter, inspiration and some seriously fabulous food (even if it is vegan!). Is it possible to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle below the Mason Dixon line? Come along with me and find out as I pound the pavement, travel and eat my way through life. Cheers!
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Thank goodness it's Friday! By the time 6:00 on Friday rolls around in my house, this means only one thing- happy hour! It's time to toast the weekend with a fun and fabulous drink. For those of you that have been reading for a while, you know of my love for the bubbly drinks (champagne, cava, prosecco- yes please!). One of my favorite ways to enjoy cava in the summer is with fresh fruit, it is a simple yet delicious combination that always delights the taste buds. While fresh fruit in its purest form is always great, you might not always have it on hand. Solution? Put a batch of fresh berries of your liking in the food processor and add a pinch of fresh mint. Pour the mixture into a small ice cube tray and freeze. When the situation arrives (yum, now please!), pop one out and place in the bottom of a champagne glass. Top with your favorite bubbly and enjoy! Cheers!



Dumbwit Tellher said...

I so appreciate how you think; & celebrate Friday too!!

Cheers to a bubbly weekend ~ Deb

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Yum--sounds delish! I just stumbled upon your blog and really like it--please stop by mine when you get a chance! Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Alex Mungo said...

Homemade hummus tasted so much better than prepared hummus one buys from supermarkets. I particularly like to add lemon too. Architectural

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